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Will officer remain in his position?

August 7, 2002

Dougherty County's assistant police chief will learn in the next 10 days if he gets to keep his job title.

Five Dougherty County police officers who applied for the assistant chief's position had their grievance hearing Wednesday at the Government Center.

They say Jeremy French didn't meet eligibility requirements, either a 4-year degree and four years experience, or eight years experience. "We believe evidence will show that looking at his qualifications, Dougherty County itself disqualified him," said the plaintiff's attorney Maurice King.

King argued that five years of military experience should not have counted as police experience.

This is the second hearing on French's promotion. In June, a judge decided that he had no jurisdiction to make a ruling after 11 hours of testimony. So a Dougherty County Attorney was chosen to hear the case.

Before the hearing, attorney Maurice King tried to get Dawn Benson to recuse herself from hearing the case, because of previous legal battles they had. She refused, and now has 10 days in which to issue a ruling.

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