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Lee County Farmers' Market coming

August 6, 2002

By Melissa Kill

A one-stop shop for fresh fruits and vegetables in Lee County is just weeks away. Construction on the Lee County-Leesburg Farmer's Market is underway.

For three years, City and County officials have been working to bring a farmer's market to Lee County. Now, their dream will soon be reality.

Lonzie Jimmerson is shelling his home grown peas in the hot sun. With cars zipping by his make-shift stand off US 19 in Leesburg, the thought of a nice place from which to sell his produce is appealing.

"Well, I wouldn't have to be sitting in the sun and in a place where people know to come for vegetables," says Jimmerson.

"We are standing on the site of the Lee County Leesburg Farmer's market. I can't hardly wait for the first booth to open we can buy green beans, corn, or a watermelon or two," says Lee County commissioner Jackie McCorkle.

McCorkle and Leesburg Mayor Bob Boney are checking out the site off the Leslie Highway. The County and City united to bring the project to life--combining state money both government's received for a farmer's market.

Jack Daniel Garrett of Jack Daniel's Garden says, "The County got $10,000 from the state for the farmer's market, Boney got another state grant and I said why not put together and build one in Leesburg."

Now, the completion of the market is just weeks away, and other farmer's are excited about its potential, but say it needs good marketing to bring people to north Leesburg.

"It's going to have to be promoted in the right way," says Garrett. "Maybe start off with a craft show, it's something we haven't had in Lee County."

Mayor Bob Boney thinks people will drive the distance for the fresh foods. "Stuff in food market lays around comes out of the state. If we can have it locally people I talk to are excited," says Boney.

And for small farmers, the market could be something to get excited about. Mayor Bob Boney hopes the market will open in two weeks.


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