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Vandals hit Thomasville

August 6, 2002

Another round of vandals hit close to two dozen stores and cars in Thomasville. Thomasville Police Detective Bob Sise says, "We are not sure, but we feel like these incidents are related. "

Last week, bricks crashed into windows, but this week it's something new. In one day, vandals have smashed at least 23 store and car windows. The vandalism is happening during the early morning hours in Thomasville.

Police have not caught up with the culprits, but hope they're close to wrapping up some cases. The vandals are making store owners angry, and keeping glass repair shops busy.

Broken glass around Thomasville store fronts and a line of cars waiting to be repaired, leftovers of vandals. Detective Sise explains, "I think this is the biggest amount of volume in the shortest amount of time."

At least 23 cars and stores in one day, Hoyt's Cycle Shop was just one of the many hit. Worker Jeremy Reynolds says, "I think they are a bunch of crazy kids going around tearing up things for fun." Reynolds found one piece of evidence. He says, "We found a little ball bearing so we figured it might be something with a sling shot just shooting them."

The same story in several other stores. Rose City Glass Owner Bud Stringer says, "Indications from looking at glass. It's definitely an impact of a ball bearing or something of that nature."

Thomasville Sales had two big windows smashed on two separate days. But, they didn't have to go far to get help, they're next door neighbors with Rose City Glass. Stringer explains, "It's been quite a big number. We've been swamped trying to get people secured."

Since Monday morning, Rose City Glass has repaired six store windows and 12 car windows. Stringer says, "Probably in the past few days we have tripled work load as far as automotive glass over normal."

Glass is being shipped in as quick as possible for cars, but many store owners have to wait another week for their special orders.

Investigators say the damage is so much, the vandals could face felony charges.

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