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Local Gymnasts inspired by Olympics

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By Christian Jennings - bio | email

August 12, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - People all around the world are watching the Olympics this week. And Tuesday, they focused their attention on the women's gymnastics competition. Albany gymnasts are cheering on their favorite Olympians.

The girls at In bound Gymnastics vary in age, form, and experience. But they do have one thing in common. A dream of becoming an Olympian. These young athletes have been working extra hard ever since the Olympics began last week.

"They're trying harder. You can tell they want it more, so I'm glad it's here," says Coach Haley Smith.  "I want to come back to the gym and work on stuff and it just makes me wanna come back like right then," says fourteen year old Emily Graf.

Their coaches say they're inspired by the gymnasts they see on TV. "It makes me feel really excited because I feel like I wanna be like Shawn Johnson," says seven year old Adrianna Mirus. "I like Shawn Johnson because she's so young and stuff because she's like 16," says Graf.

The girls who compete here in Albany, Georgia have a long way to go before they make to peting in front of billions of spectators from all over the world. But, their level 3 team DID go to Nationals this summer.

Seven year old Adrianna Mirus says if she makes it to the olympics one day, she has a very specific goal. "If I go to the olympics..I think I just wanna get first place on like everything," says Mirus.

In Bound Gymnastics offers classes for girls and boys of all ages and levels of experience.