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Crime down in Valdosta

By Alicia Eakin - bio | email

August 12, 2008

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Even though the city is growing, police in Valdosta say the crime rate is falling.

It's a crime trend they wouldn't mind getting used to. "We are seeing a decrease in our burglaries and robberies," says Lt. Bobbi McGraw.

Since this time last year, burglaries have dropped by 18%. Robberies have gone down too, by 30%.

They say concentrated patrols and detailed crime maps have helped.  "We can look at these maps, see a crime area that may be developing and concentrate efforts in that area before it gets full blown," McGraw says.

But it's community support and awareness that has been key.

"People are taking back their neighborhoods," McGraw explains.  "People are taking a stance on their own and say they are going to do some positive things to combat crime."

The lower crime rate will give everyone a peace of mind.

"I drive all day. It makes me fell better with being on the road all the time that crime is going down," says Clay Parker.

"I'm thrilled to death to hear crime is down in Valdosta for the simple reason I just brought my daughter down here to start Valdosta State. She's a freshman. We are from Woodstock, Georgia.  As a father that makes me feel so much better that we can drop her off in a town that has a low crime rate," says David Adams.

And offer encouragement to officers to keep up the hard work and see how low it can go by the end of the year.


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