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Kids explore Albany

August 3, 2002

by Jocelyn Maner

Some South Georgia children spent the summer learning about their hometown. Many parents and kids say the club showed them places in Albany that they never knew existed.

It's called the Albany Explorer's Club. The Albany Convention and Visitors Bureau hosted an end of the summer party for the members and their parents today, and each member received a free bag with school supplies.

The club allows kids to visit several businesses and agencies in the city to help broaden their horizons.

"We hear over and over that there's nothing here in Albany for people to do in the summer and we just want to show that there is something to do, says Richard Bivins, Vice-President of Convention and Visitors Bureau.

"I have learned from this club that if you go to different places you can experience different things," says thirteen year old, Jalisa Richardson.

Many parents agree. They say not only are there kids learning more about what's in Albany, but they are too. Kim Buckhalter says, "We've found out things that we didn't even know were in Albany."

She says her sons have learned so much this summer, and they will have a lot to talk about with their friends at school.

She adds, "It just gives them something they can take back to school to school and tell. Eleven year old Michael Richardson, says his favorite place this summer has been the Albany Civic Center, and if you ask him a question about it, he says he will have the answer.

Richardson adds, "When I go back to school, if they ask me about something, I'll know." There are about 1500 members of the Explorers Club.

They have been learning more about places like the Albany Herald, Chehaw Park, and the Civil Rights Museum all summer, and many say they are already looking forward to next summer's exploration.

Explorer's Club members also visited Jimmie's Hot Dogs, CiCi's Pizza and Putt Putt Golf and Games.

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