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Chinese Americans pleased by Olympic showing

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

August 11, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - You could call it a $300 million introduction to the world. That's what China spent on its opening ceremonies Friday night.

Chinese Americans in Albany were watching to see how their native land would do on a world stage, and say China promised a show like no other and delivered. Monday many were excited about the opportunity the Olympics brings to showcase a country many of us know little about.

It started with a bang, exploding China onto the world stage. Chinese Americans watched anxiously to see what kind of impression their homeland would make. May and Tommy Guan own the Hong Kong café and were proud at the showing, so was their family in China.

"They're very excited. I have an uncle and cousin in China, they've called me, they're really excited," said Tommy Guan, owner of Hong Kong cafe.

They hope these summer games will show the warm, inviting Chinese culture.

"China is a beautiful country so once the people see that, they'll want to go to visit China," said May Guan, Hong Kong café owner.

"It definitely raises the status of the nation," said Dr. Alan Zhang.

Dr. Alan Zhang left China to teach at Darton College more than 20 years ago. Since then China has changed but political influence still dominates and could be seen in footprints marching across the sky and in what his relatives in China saw.

"In the middle of some fantastic view of some performance and they have to shift their camera to give some footage to the leaders," said Zhang.

Still they see the Olympics as an opportunity. "Before, Mao they didn't open the door for the whole world, they closed the door. It made it really bad, people were really poor and not good. Now they've opened the door, opened the door for the whole world, the United States. The United States and China they're making business and then China is growing," said Guan.

Despite their Chinese heritage many said they were rooting for the United States' team they won handily over China in basketball. They also say they're cheering for Michael Phelps and other United States swimmers.


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