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Final school preparations

August 2, 2002

Keenan Theirse is in the last place you'd expect to find a child on the last day of summer.

"Hi, I'm Keenan," he introduces himself to Sherie Buikema.

 He's meeting his teacher and checking out what's in store for him Monday.

"Just wanted to see what class I'm going to be in," Theirse explains.

 "We plan on having everything structured as possible," teacher Sherie Buikema says. "The most important thing for kids is the more structure they have, the more they know what's expected of them, and do what they are supposed to."

But for the first year teacher who's been in her classroom on and off since June, there's still much more work to be done, as teachers across Sherwood Acres spend the day touching up.

"Really just cleaning, housekeeping, throwing stuff out, getting stuff in putting stuff up on the wall," teacher Allison Atwood says.

And teachers and principals get together to answer last minute questions, all so things run as smoothly as possible come Monday. That's a day they say is critical to getting students excited about learning all year long.

"Children enter this classroom, and we're making history turning the pages," Tonya May said.

Some teachers take classroom decorations to the extreme with a tropical theme, but it's all an effort to make learning fun, and not such a drag when summer swimming parties come to an end.