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Teen saves elderly neighbor from fire

By Sarah Baldwin - bio | email

August 8, 2008

CAIRO, GA (WALB) -  It was mere coincidence 14-year-old Dylan Dixon was riding down his already quiet street around 8 p.m., Saturday the 26th.  "I just left my house, and I was going to my friend, and I saw a bunch of smoke coming out of the house."

He knew his elderly neighbor, Ida B. Crozier lived alone.  "She's 85. She's got dementia, and she's loosing her eye sight."   So Dylan rushed inside to find Crozier's cigarette had caught her couch on fire. "It was flashing, because the smoke alarm was going off. And there was a bunch of smoke, it was really hard to see in there," he said.

Crozier's daughter, Cindy Johnson and her husband Joe, say Crozier didn't realize what was going on when Dylan got there.  "Without thinking he ran inside, got water and threw it on the couch to put out....it was flaming at that time, and then he went back to get more water, and then he made sure mother got outside safely," said Johnson. 

 Dylan said, "Another 5 or 10 minutes it could really have ignited, gotten to the carpet, started the curtains." Dylan opened up all the windows to let the smoke out, and he and a neighbor threw the couch in the back yard.

"He really saved my mother's life, I think," said Johnson thankfully.  When the Cairo Fire Department got there and heard what Dylan had done, they decided to honor him with a Life Saving Award.  "I think it's well deserved. I think he didn't expect it, but I think he's pleased, and I think he deserves it. I think he's a good example to other kids, to be looking out for your neighbors," Johnson said. 

Dylan says it's made him give another thought to firefighting.  "I think it'd make a good college job." 

Johnson added, "I think the fire department would love for him to sign up, to join. I think that would be great. But he's a smart kid; I'm sure he'll do whatever he puts his mind to."  Now starting his first week of high school, it's clear this "smart kid" is also a very brave one, and has a bright future ahead of him. 

The Cairo Fire Department plans to cook dinner for Dylan Dixon on Monday night.  After that they will all head down to the City Council meeting where he'll be presented with his life saving award.


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