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School system works through growing pains

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

August 8, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The new school years brings new challenges for Dougherty County. Schools now have staggered start times and that means bus schedule adjustments. Just three days into the school year, parents are complaining.

School administrators say they need to be patient, that next week will be smoother.

Getting Robin Houston's three children ready and to three different Dougherty County Schools on time hasn't been easy.  The new transportation plan and staggered start times have been a headache for her and other parents.

"I just needed to have the information to be able to make and plan appropriately and I just didn't feel like the information wasn't put out there," said Houston.

Questions she tried to get answers to Monday and Tuesday before school started went to voicemail.

"Voicemail's full and no opportunity to leave a voicemail message, no option to speak with someone else in case that voicemail's full so, I just didn't feel like I got proper service," said Houston.

School system administrators admit some parents haven't been able to get through, but said an open house was held at each school where parents could get information about the new busing system.

"I've been to most of the schools in the last two days and I've talked to some they have a lot of frustrations that they are handling well," said DCSS Public Information Director  R. D. Harter.   

They realize this is a big adjustment for many parents and ask that they have just a little patience as adjustments are made in the next week so bus routes move more smoothly.

"I'm real optimistic, we'll start next week with parents knowing more about bus numbers and times and schools starting on time and routes becoming quicker because drivers are becoming more familiar with them," said DCSS Public Information Director R. D. Harter.   

School Officials say if parents still have questions about their students bus routes, the best way to get those questions answered is to stop by the individual school and speak with the principal who has the bus routes for their schools.  


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