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Murder in Montezuma

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

August 7, 2008

MONTEZUMA, GA (WALB) - A murder and manhunt in Montezuma on Thursday.

Investigators say around 5 a.m. a man showed up at his ex-girlfriend's home and attacked her and her pregnant sister.

The suspect was on the run for most of the day.

Now he's in jail, his ex-girlfriend is dead, and doctors are working to save the life of the other victim and her unborn child.

There's blood on the door of 629 South Plum Street in Montezuma, and blood on the road. It shows where Sheranda Auburn, seven months pregnant, ran for her life.

She ended up on a neighbor's front porch a few houses away.

"She said her sister's boyfriend was trying to kill her, and I said well just hold on try not to talk too much," said Margie Worthy, she called 911.

Sheranda ran not only to save herself, but to get help for her sister who was also stabbed several times and still in the house.

"At that time she basically told officers that her sister was in the residence, they went back in the residence and notice she was bleeding as well," said Chief Eric R. Finch Sr., Montezuma Police Department.

19-year-old Shenita later died at Flint River Community Hospital.

"She was trying to better her life, because she had gotten her a job and going to school to do hair, she was trying to do better," said Mary Ann Baldwin, Montezuma.

Cordalero Collier is the man who police said stabbed the two sisters.

He'll be charged with malice murder, felony murder, and two counts of aggravated assault.

Police believe they have a motive.

"Apparently they've had relationships in the past and they had broken off the relationship, I think she was seeing another guy and he wanted her back," said Finch.

Her sister was flown to a Macon hospital for surgery. She has serious injuries.

"I saw about four wounds where he stabbed her, in the neck, and in the arm. She ran so when she hit the door I mean she just fell into door, she was just weak, I guess from fighting,"said Worthy.

Worthy said in her 37 years of living in the neighborhood she's never seen anything like it.

"Nothing never happen out here like that, it was surprising to me I wanted to know who was out here knocking on my door that time of morning like that."

As afternoon rain washed away evidence of the crime, the stain on the neighborhood remains. A community dealing with the tragedy of one sister dead and another fighting for two lives.

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