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New nervous parents

August 1, 2002

New parents have a lot more to be nervous about since September 11th. First-time parents hope their babies will grow up with the same freedoms they had.

Babies being born now are those who were conceived after September 11th. So, what do new parents think about raising a child into this world of terrorism? We found an Albany couple who says their miracle bundle of joy is bringing happiness into their lives, but are worried about the future of their baby boy.

Cameron Owen Faulk was brought into this world...only three days ago. Mother Sandy Faulk says, "He's just too cute. We've waited forever."

Floyd and Sandy Faulk have been trying for 15 years. The September 11th terrorist attacks didn't stop them. Little Cameron was conceived a month after 9-11. Mr. Faulk says, "I know it's a different world since he's here. He's gonna have different challenges than when I grew up."

They say their biggest hurtle will be boarding a plane with Cameron. Mr. Faulk explains, "Hopefully we'll travel, but I'll probably be more on edge, more on guard if we fly or something." Mrs. Faulk says her husband worried more after September 11th, but her miracle pregnancy was a distraction. She says, "I may have been oblivious to the outside and because I was into my own happiness."

The Faulk's want their baby to have a normal life and don't want them to hold him back from having fun. They have a tiny little life to protect and say as first time parents, they'll do their best to protect him with more than his baby blanket.

Usually during a time of crisis there's a baby boom, but Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital says they have not had an increase in baby deliveries since September 11th.

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