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Bookbags welcome again at middle school

August 1, 2002

Lee County Middle School student's will be able to bring book bags to school this year.

When the school faced bomb and other threat's last year, the administration asked kids to leave them at home as a safety precaution.

The student's can have them, but book bags will stay inside the locker all day.

Today, new Lee County Middle student's filled out the necessary paper work to enter school. Parent's new to the middle school say they are not worried about their children's safety, and are confident the administration is in control.

Wilma Wilkes, who has a son entering the sixth grade says, "No, it didn't concern me. I think they've taken precautions and done everything necessary to take care of the situation,"

School official's are asking parent's whose child does not already have a book bag to purchase mesh or clear ones. Lee County schools start August 9th.


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