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Tompkins keeps the title

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By Len Kiese - bio | email

August 5, 2008

WORTH COUNTY, GA (WALB) - There will be a lot of turnover in South Georgia Sheriff's offices but Worth County's long-time Sheriff will keep his title.

Incumbent Freddie Tompkins defeated Worth County deputy Mike Hill in Tuesday night's runoff with a little more than 58-percent of the vote.

Tompkins was congratulated by supporters at the Worth County courthouse. He says he owed it to his citizens to run again and the law is just in his blood.  He's thankful for the support from the community.

"I think people just woke up and realized what they could be missing and that's why they voted for me because I don't have the title. I got the job and I try to do the job," said Tompkins.

After final numbers came in, Mike Hill congratulated Tompkins on the win and a well-run campaign. Tompkins told Hill he's decided he wants to be the oldest Sheriff ever in Worth County and hopes to serve another twelve years.