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Pineview Chief Arrested

July  31, 2002
By Mitch Kimbrell

Pineview's police chief, Ray Monk, was arrested Wednesday for sending sexually explicit e-mails to Florida law enforcement officials posing as a 13-year-old girl.

Few of the town's citizens are on the chief's side.

Police chief Ray Monk has a wife, two children, and an honorable job. "He's always done a good job for us," says mayor Marvin Talley.

But, the internet on this computer was his downfall. "I was surprised to say the least," says the mayor.

But, many citizens of Pineview aren't. "Does it surprise you, though, when you hear what he's been charged with?
No, it don't."

"It don't surprise me. That's all I say, but it don't surprise me. No."

"No. It does not surprise me at all."

"They don't nobody like him."

And Pineview's not the only town where Monk has been embroiled in controversy. "They said he's been in trouble in Ashburn too."

"He can't even get a job in Fitzgerald. Everybody say he did dirty deeds around there, too."

Pineview's police department has been under the microscope before. In 1997, former police chief Sam Dudley was suspended for spraying a councilwoman in the face with pepper spray.

"Every cop we get here's been in trouble. All we get is folks trying to start trouble in Pineview. That's what the mayor wants."

Still, Pineview's mayor seems shocked. "He never gave the indication that he was inclined to do something of this nature."

Another scandal for Pineview's police department - one this small town's citizens hope will be the last.

Monk is charged with soliciting sexual activity from a minor and transmitting harmful material to a minor. Also an officer at Wilcox State Prison in Abbeville, Monk could be extradited to Florida.


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