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Ty Ty boy home after dog attack

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

August 4, 2008

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - A little boy viciously attacked by his neighbor's dog last week is home from the hospital but still recovering from serious injuries.

You can see all the stitches in five year old Larry Pullen's face. The pictures of his injuries before his surgery are too graphic for us to show. Larry's family says he isn't in much pain as long as he takes his medicine, and he's just trying to get back to life as a normal.

He lost seven pounds while he was in the hospital and still can only eat baby food. Thursday Larry was supposed to start Kindergarten. Now his parents are trying to decide what's really best for him.

"Tomorrow we've got to make another trip to Macon, we gotta' do the follow up. And then we're going to try to get him enrolled in school and see if they'll let him take home school for awhile. I don't want him to be picked on," says Larry's mother, Molly Pullen.

Larry was attacked last week at his home in Ty Ty when a pit bull mix somehow escaped from his neighbor's house. The owners and the dog sitter were both charged. Larry's parents say the attack is straining their finances.

They say they can barely afford the gas to get to Larry's doctors in Macon, much less the medical expenses.


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