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Thomasville Walmart bank branch held up

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By Sarah Baldwin - bio | email

August 4, 2008

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - People shopping for a bargain, got more than they bargained for when they showed up at the Thomasville Walmart Monday morning. 

 "I had no idea what was going on and one of the clerks told me, that the bank was robbed which is most unusual in Thomasville. Occasionally we have something happen but we're a pretty quiet town," said one shopper, Gail Stock.

The busy store had plenty of people there to see it all go down.  "From the witnesses it was a 6'2" male came in. [Between] 200 to 240 pounds, wearing all black, black dreads, carrying handgun, demanded money," said Sergeant Ricky Singletary with the Thomasville Police Department. 

But police say those dread-locks may have been a disguise, and no one could ID the man.

But they did ID the car he was driving when he left: a Ford Taurus.  "He drove it down here to the end of Colonial drive. We located it, it was on fire," said Singletary.  It was here on a dead-end road, less than a mile from Walmart, but there was no gunman in sight.  Police searched for clues after firefighters put out the flames. 

Singletary suggested, "He could have fled on foot, or he could have had another get away car. That's some of the options."

Walmart customers, who also bank at the SunTrust inside were shocked at the whole incident.

"Money's guaranteed by the bank so I'm not really worried about my money.  I'm just worried, you got people around here doing that kind of stuff, makes me think maybe I want to move away," said customer Kevin Musall.

Stock added, "Well certainly you want him to be caught. You don't want something like this to go unpunished."  Police say they're confident that won't happen.

If you have any information in this case, call Thomasville Crime Stoppers at 229-227-3305.  You can provide tips anonymously and could receive a reward.