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Donalsonville's the place to find cheap gas

By Sarah Baldwin - bio | email

July 28, 2008

DONALSONVILLE, GA (WALB) - Gas prices are easing down finally, some places faster than others.  The national average is $3.95, the Georgia average is just below that at $3.92.

We're all looking for the cheapest gas around.  Some places in Cairo are still at $3.99, you can find it in Albany for $3.94, some Thomasville stations are down to $3.89.  But in Donalsonville, Georgia gas is nearly $.40 below the state average!  "We're at $3.56 a gallon," says Angela Montgomery, a cashier at Mr. Pip's convenience store.

Cheap gas in Donalsonville maybe one of the best kept secrets around, or maybe not.  "Donalsonville always has the cheapest gas. Even back in the day, its always been so cheap," says regular customer Delishia Nash.

Montgomery says, "We have seen more business since it went down."  Mr. Pip's has some of the lowest gas in town at $3.56 a gallon, but every station in Donalsonville is one or 2 cents away from that. 

Nash, says she arranges her schedule around getting her gas here.  "I always fill up here first then go someplace else."  When driving by, even out-of-towners make a point to stop, whether they need to or not.  "It's cheaper that's why!  I better fill up because I'm going to save money," says customer Helen Parker.

A year ago most of us probably would have thought $3.56 was a high price to pay for a gallon of gas.  But today that number is a huge relieve on a lot of people's wallets.  "It helps me a lot now, going back and forth to my job. It save a lot," says Nash.

Parker adds, "Maybe we'll go out now, maybe we'll be able to go somewhere."  You can bet we made sure to fill up our WALB news car before we left town. If you're in Donalsonville anytime soon, you'd be smart to do the same. 

You can find more state averages and information about gas prices nationwide by visiting the Triple A website.


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