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Andrico HInes visits Wildcats Corner

July 25, 2008

Cecil Lester said "Hey we are back. I am your guy Cecil Lester. This is my guy Andrico Hines the quarterback of the South Georgia Wildcats. This week we go to Tennessee Valley. We split with them on the season. How do we go in there this time, which is the last time, which is the championship game and take a win?

Andrico Hines said "We just have got to come out and protect the ball and do the small things. They have a great front and they are well-coached. Hopefully we can come out with a win.

Lester said"The second game was kind of hard. You know the first game was the miracle on 34th street. The second they came out here and beat us. This time is different. We are a better ballclub. What part do you play in this?

Hines said "I just think the chemistry when they came here was a little different. It was around my second or third game. We are a lot better with the chemistry on offense now and moving the ball. Putting up a lot of points and hopefully we can keep it going."

 Lester said "We do this every week. Tell the fans and me something about Andrico Hines they may not know?

Hines said "I was raised by my parents in a single family home by my father. It was me and my brother."

Lester "There you have it. This is "Wildcats Corner". This is Andrico Hines and I am Cecil Lester. We will see you guys in the playoffs."

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