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Small businesses like Thomasville

By Sarah Baldwin - bio | email

July 25, 2008

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Thomas County is home to over 2000 businesses. Around 90% of those are small businesses with less than 20 employees.  Chamber of Commerce officials say they like it that way and hope to attract even more.  "All businesses start as a dream, I mean its just somebody's dream to own their own business. And then the sky's the limit if you use good sound principles," says Bob Hutchinson, Chairman of the Chamber's  "Entrepreneur Friendly" Board.

That was the case for Dana Davidoff when she chose Thomasville to open Relish, her gourmet food and kitchen accessory store downtown.  "They're very helpful. Its very conducive to opening a business here. They're very easy going," she says. 

Now the Chamber wants to be even more helpful for start-up businesses, forming a "Entrepreneur Friendly" Committee to work on achieving the designation.  "As a result of this committee we came up with an excellent book called how to start a business in Thomasville, Thomas County. And that book in itself tells you about where to apply for your tax numbers, how do you get your license and where do you go to get your utilities?" says Hutchison.

"Anyplace else I've ever opened a business they've never been helpful like that. You are on your own and you have to find your own way," Davidoff explains.

Beyond the chamber's help, small businesses couldn't thrive without the support of the community. "The customer base is fabulous. In addition to the people that are living here its also become a great tourist destination and I think the mix is a healthy one," says Davidoff.

When the business owners are happy,  the customers are happy,  and the town itself is happy, it's without a doubt, a recipe for success.

The Chamber of Commerce surveyed 36 small businesses to earn the designation.  Thomas County is one of 166 Georgia communities with the classification.

For a link to the book, "How To Start a Business in Thomasville-Thomas County"  click here.


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