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Remerton's water is about to improve

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By Alicia Eakin - bio | email

July 23, 2008

REMERTON, GA (WALB) - Remertonians say they have lived with smelly, dirty water for decades. Remerton City Council has been been searching for a solution just as long.

Now they are negotiating with a neighboring city to get pure water pumped into the city.

The water may look clean, but people who live in Remerton say it's anything but.

"Water that comes to Remerton from a well is prone to bad influences from the river as well as Sugar Creek," says Remerton property owner 'Frenchy.'

So if you live in the city limits, you probably don't drink the water. And when you shower, you may be in for a surprise.

"After I got doused with results of the filter... black, stinky water and so forth, I got quite angry. I got as mad as hell, and said I'm going to do something about it," 'Frenchy' said. 

Smelly, discolored water has been a problem in Remerton for years. But now, city council says they've found the solution.

"There were four options the city could act upon. Three of those were treating our own water and the final option is purchasing water from the City of Valdosta," says Remerton City Manager Brian McDougal.

They say the quickest and cheapest option is to purchase water from Valdosta.

They say negotiation should be complete by the end of the month. But it will take some time.

"Valdosta of course has waterlines that are across the street near our city limit lines but they still need to be engineered and designed so we can tie in appropriately," says McDougal.

To get clean water to flow through Remerton's pipes.