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Blevins love of football leads to a kick of a job

July 20, 2008

Americus - If you don't think Doug Blevins knows anything about kicking. Just listen to some of the kickers he has coached.

 Doug Blevins said "Adam Vinateiri , David Akers and Chris Browns of the Texans."

Confined to wheelchair all of his life with cerebral palsy, Doug Blevins loved football and knew he could have an impact on the game.

A letter to the late Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry got Doug the start he needed.

 Blevins said "It became a passion of mine. I had an eye for it. I could articulate it. One thing led to another. That became a speciality. Led to career, a college scholarship and everything."

After working 16 seasons with four NFL teams, Doug Blevins is now working with some young men who hope to one day get their shot at winning a Super Bowl in kicking camps like this one at Americus-Sumter High School.

Blevins said  "Get some of the kids at this age 10th, 11th grade and some of them seniors. It is great because they have the tools they need to go into college football and be successful and some of those beyond that obviously."

And Doug Blevins can share the pride he felt when he watched Adam Vinatieri win two Super Bowls. The strange thing is Blevins had seen it plenty Vinateiri make the same kind of kick under the sam circumstances at the end of every one of their workouts.

Blevins said "Sort of spooky how things come to life sometimes."

Doug Blevins hopes to make his kicking camp in Americus an annual event.

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