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Fullback Nate Finlay visits Wildcats Corner

July 18, 2008

Albany - One move that has had a big reason for the South Georgia Wildcats current five game winning streak was moving Nate Finlay to fullback.

The man from north of the border is also a key member of the Wildcats defensive front and he is Cecil Lester's guest in this week's "Wildcats Corner".

Cecil Lester said "Okay welcome back. This is Wildcats Corner. I am your guy Cecil Lester. You know I missed a couple of weeks but I am back and I am here with Nate Finlay. Nate how does it feel to be part of a winning football team here in Albany?

Nate Finlay said "Great man, it feels great man. I mean the United State in general. I am from Canada if anybody doesn't know that down here. Just to be down here playing pro ball and be on a winning pro ball in the state of Georgia it feels great. A lot of love, a lot of love."

Lester said "We are heading to Peoria this week. What do you know about Peoria and what will you do to help defeat this team?

Finlay said "Personally what I will do is hold down with the rest of my o-line boys. Give Andrico the time and if you get in there too man, the time you guys are going to need to do damage to take this team out. They are just another stepping stone to our intial goal of getting the championship."

Lester said "Nate we do this all the time. You have a lot of fans out there especially here in Albany. Some of the fans might not know a lot . Tell them out there in TV land something about Nate Finlay they don't know?

Finlay "Don't know? I guess you know what i am aspiring musician part time. I play guitar a bit. I am a reader too man. Any book I get my hands on, I will delve into and get the knowledge."

 Lester "That was Nate Finlay. He is a Wildcat. I am a Wildcat. This is Wildcats Corner."

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