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South Georgia town preserves its history

July 17, 2008

By Marcus McConico

RAY CITY, GA -(WALB) - David Miley a 70-year resident of Ray City, has always loved history.

One of his dreams was to have historical museum highlighting the small town he's from.  Several years ago Miley petitioned the Ray City Council, and with the help of Jacque Guthrie, his dream has come true.

"I think we should leave something for the young generation. Without past, we have no future. We need this to show kids how it use to be," said Miley.

"It just really amazing the response we've gotten so far. Not only from children but adults and we're looking forward to being here a long time," says Museum Curator Jacque Guthrie.

The museum is now open, and everyone is invited to take a trip to the past.
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