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Hispanic Population Growth

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

July 16, 2008


You may have noticed that more Hispanic markets are popping up around South Georgia. The Hispanic community is growing and so are its businesses. There are now three Mexican Grocery stores in the area.  Monica Martinez, a worker at "La Bella Airosa" says these new stores do show progress for her community, but they just aren't enough. She describes Hispanic venues she often visits in Atlanta, and wishes there was something similar here.

"Not only groceries, but clothing, like music stores, everything, it's just like you're in Mexico. It's just like a Spanish community. Something like that here would be real good."

Across town at Los Pinos, another  Mexican grocery in Albany, Manager Naun Zuniga says business has increased over the past few months.

"There's more people, everyday more."

At this authentic Mexican store you can find everything from ripe Plantains, canned foods, and fresh cut meats unique to Spanish culture.

"We got a lot of stuff that's not in the Wal-Mart or Winn Dixie you know. It's special for Spanish people. "

The U.S. Census doesn't release the numbers showing the change in demographics until August 7th. But it's apparent that the community is changing and people are taking notice.


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