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Echols County consolidates Governments

By Alicia Eakin - bio | email

July 16, 2008

Statenville - The town of Statenville, in fact no town in Echols County, has ever had a Mayor.

They never had a city hall.

They never even had a city police department.

But for some reason, people in the county were paying extra for having a city and county government.

"The county found out we were loosing a lot of money on surplus fees. The cable company pays, the utility company pays by not being consolidated," says Probate Judge and Election Superintendent Carl Rodgers.

So the county created a simple, money saving solution, to consolidate governments.

"By doing this the county will be incorporated which will allow us to get more grants for economic developments and industrial stuff," Rodgers says.

More grants means tax payers pay less.

"Of course when you get grants that's less money you have to spend on road development, buildings and stuff like which means it will be less money on tax payers because then your budget won't have to have that money included in it. Which would drop a mil hopefully," he adds.

The legislation passed Tuesday night and tax payers could see the rewards as early as next year.

That referendum passed 639 to 245.

It will have to be approved by state legislators before it's implemented.


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