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Teenager receives threatening letter

By Sarah Baldwin - bio | email

July 15, 2008

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - People who live in a Thomasville apartment complex breathed a little easier Tuesday night.   A man police say stalked and threatened to kill one of the residents is now behind bars.  

When investigators arrested him, they say they found he had sexually explicit photos of children.  

Hampton Lakes Apartment-Homes is a quiet, tucked away complex with lots of young families. Most felt safe here, until what happened Saturday.

Thomasville police arrested 34-year-old William Lee Pearson who lives in the apartments for making terroristic threats.  "The subject had written a letter, an extensive letter and put it on the victim's doorstep- things that he wanted to do to the victim and the victim's family," says Lieutenant Karen Murray with the  Thomasville Police Department.

A young teenage girl is the one who found the letter on her family's doorstep.  "He just picked out someone and evidently had been watching and observing what they were doing, their comings and goings," says Murray.

The case got even more disturbing after police arrested Pearson and searched his apartment.   "We found where he'd written rough drafts of this letter, other explicit photos of children as well as, he had drivers licenses of a couple people."

Unfortunately when we went to Hampton Lake Apartments to talk to residents about how they were feeling, the property manager told us to leave and told us she didn't want us to talk to any of the residents here.  But while leaving, some people told us knowing this happened in their complex is frightening.

"Its very unnerving. The victim was terrified as well as her parents. Anybody of any age is terrified if they know that someone is observing their behavior, watching their coming and going. And that's the reason we charged him with stalking and all the other charges we have on him," said Murray.  

In addition to five counts of making terroristic threats and acts, Pearson is charged with stalking, cruelty to children and sexual exploitation of children.  He was denied bond.

Police say another woman in that apartment complex also got threatening letters. They're investigating to see if those are related to this case.


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