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President lifts ban on off-shore drilling

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

July 15, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The numbers on the price gauge at gas pumps only seem to get higher and higher. "These gas prices are going up a little too high for poor people who don't have the money for gas. And they need to come down," said Jimmy Lee Tucker.

And the president's lift of the executive ban on offshore drilling hopes to one day do just that. "I do believe we should drill our oceans if that's going to reduce our gas prices," said  Walid Shayeb.

The lift on the ban would allow drilling along the Eastern Gulf of Mexico and in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. But this has no immediate action without congress agreeing to lift their ban as well. "I agree with it, and I think we should have started years ago," said Priscilla Seymour.

Federal geologist estimate that there may be as much as 18 billion barrels of oil. "There is no reason for us not to be drilling in our own country. We have plenty of it. We just need to put people to work. They need jobs," said Seymour.

But Democrats and environmental groups say it would take years to drill off shore and take a decade or more to impact the price of oil. They say its not worth the environmental impact. "I think we should drill in a safe and orderly manner, and not just go crazy with it. We've got to change. The economy is already horrible and its only going to get worse," said Frank Turnip.

"It might help it, but I really don't know. I hope it does," said Tucker. Until a solution is reached, Americans will have to deal with the rising prices at the pump.

The presidential ban has been in effect since 19-90 when former President George Bush Senior limited off-shore drilling to areas off Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and parts of Alaska.

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