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Civil Rights Digital Library on web

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

July 15, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Rare film of the 1960's civil rights movement has been stored for decades in archives at the University of Georgia, and now is available on the Internet.

WALB-TV shot and donated this footage of the Albany civil rights movement, and is part of the 30 hours of film available at the Civil Rights Digital Library.  An ambitious project by the University of Georgia library to make this historical footage available on the web.

Digital Library of Georgia Director Toby Graham said 'So that it's globally accessible to people of all generations, wherever they are. In their schools, libraries, in their home and in their offices."

The Library's centerpiece is more than 30 hours of Georgia and national civil rights movement film footage, to give an eyewitness perspective to key moments in the struggle for racial equality and justice.

You can link to the Civil Rights Digital Library here.


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