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Final leg to Tuesday's primary election

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

July 13, 2008

ATLANTA, GA (WALB) - Decision 2008 is heating up as it gets down to the wire for local, state, and national political races.

Five-democratic candidates say they have what it takes to unseat Republican incumbent Senator Saxby Chambliss for the United States Senate.

They squared off on television Sunday night, on everything from education to energy.

The race lacks a real front runner but that didn't stop all the candidates from trying to take the lead.

Former reporter Dale Cardwell, slammed Saxby Chambliss for the misappropriation of money from a previous version of the farm bill.

"The farm workers make in Colquitt county folks we're talking $335 a week, so who's getting that 16 million dollars? I'll tell you who, the giant agriculture business that are paying for Saxby Chambliss' campaigns," said Dale Cardwell, (D) Candidate U.S. Senate.

Rand Knight, like Cardwell is in his first run for elected office, and made his stance clear about the war.

"We're literally paying for the terrorists to kill our men and women, as soon as we keep that money in our own back yard we can have the best healthcare right here at home," said Rand Knight, (D) Candidate U.S. Senate.

Twice re-elected DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones is no stranger to politics, and stated his point on the Government reforming the Veteran administration.

"I was recently down in Dublin Georgia talking to the administration down there, talking about what we can do to protect veteran's benefits and to keep them from eroding, every year we're getting less and less benefits and we need to protect and serve our veterans," said Vernon Jones, (D) Candidate U.S. Senate.

The state's water crisis was also front and center tonight. Josh Lanier responded to a question on water conservation.

"When we treat water only about 2 percent of it is consumed by a human the rest of it is used in industry for washing, for whatever you can imagine. That's the kind of water that recycling continues to keep our resources in places rather than sending it on down," said Josh Lanier, (D) Candidate U.S. Senate.

Jim Martin a Vietnam Veteran, tackled a question on what should be done to get the troops home.

"The policy decision by the president and congress should be made that we're leaving Iraq, then allow the military leaders on the ground to decide how quickly we can do that consistent with the safety of our troops," said Jim Martin, (D) Candidate U.S. Senate.

Some political experts predict turnout for Tuesday's primary will be low and none of the candidates will crack 50 percent of the vote. If that happens a runoff will be needed on August 5th between the top two finishers.

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