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'Flying Baby' camera man faces charges, too

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

July 7, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - More criminal charges Monday in that YouTube video dubbed the 'Flying Baby.'

The 16-year-old boy who was behind the camera will be charged with cruelty to a child. He wasn't initially charged for recording the video of a baby launched through the air, but in a new development, investigators tell WALB News 10 that they think there is another video involving the baby.

The teen who stayed behind the camera to help create this shocking video that ends with now nine month old Junior McMillan being launched across the room is expected to face the same charges his friend in front of the camera does, cruelty to a child.

"He was an accessory to it and you know, I just think both of them should have been charged," said Lee County Sheriff Harold Breeden.

Initially District Attorney Cecilia Cooper had said the teen couldn't be charged because she couldn't prove he knew what was about to happen, but talk of a second video has made a difference.

"There was another video made, we don't have a copy of it but, I advised Miss Cooper of it and she authorized a search warrant on the residence. We executed the search warrant and his computer was seized to check and see if other videos were made," said Breeden.

Both feel the computer along with other evidence that came about during the investigation was enough to make the charges. They say it's not uncommon once the investigation is complete for additional charges to be made, which is why conversations have been ongoing with the teen's father.

"He's real concerned over his son, which I don't blame him, he said he's not that type of person and he advised he didn't know that he was doing it," said Breeden.

The pending charges were announced Monday as the 16 year old seen in the video appeared before a juvenile court judge in Sumter County and as the Sheriff's office continues to get bombarded with E-mails about the incident.

"I've had emails from Spokane, Washington, California, and everywhere," said Breeden.

The second teen's charges will be made in a juvenile complaint and it hasn't been determine whether he'll also have to spend some time in the Regional Youth Detention Center.

The teen charged Monday, lives with his father inside the home along with nine month old Junior McMillan and his parents.


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