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YouTube baby's mom talks to Dawn Hobby

By Dawn Hobby - bio | email

July 3, 2008

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - That Leesburg baby shown being launched through the air on YouTube is okay.

The mother, Amanda Workman, sat down with me to talk about the video that shocked us all, and how it's changed her life in this WALB News 10 exclusive.

This is James Daniel McMillan, Jr., the "Flying Baby" in that shocking YouTube video.  It was such a relief to meet him and see that he's okay.

"My main concern was to let people know he has no injuries," said his mother.

Friday night, Amanda Workman and her fiance left Junior with a man and his teenaged son while they went out to dinner. That son and a friend produced the video, now seen by millions of people. The video was posted on YouTube Saturday, and by Sunday night, Amanda found out about it. 

"We were called to the Sheriff's Office Sunday night and I saw the video. I couldn't believe it," Workman said.

She has not talked to the boy who did this. "No. He came by the house Sunday night to get his things and the sheriff's office was here. He apologized, and he hugged the baby, and told him he was sorry."

Amazingly, little Junior wasn't hurt in the video that was so painful to watch.

"Everybody in the doctor's office had seen the video," Workman says.

"The Doctor says he's okay and I pray thanks to God that he did not die."

So what would she say to the boy who did it? "If I talked to the boy who did it I would say I hope he learned his lesson."

Amanda says she's learned hers. "I will never leave my baby with anyone else again. I will not let him out of my arms."


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