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New company offers fixed prices to fill up

By Alicia Eakin - bio | email

July 3, 2008

VALDOSTA - Want to make a bet that might save you money at the gas pump?

You can now do something many airlines have done for years.  It's called gas hedging.

If you think prices will go up, you lock in a price today on future fill-ups.

It's a painful expense.  "It's very painful. It takes $100 to fill this truck up," says Amanda Jenkins.

"I probably spend about $150 a week in gas," adds Mitchell Ponds.

One that frustrated drivers can't avoid.

"There's not many options because it takes gas to go places. Between work and going places, it takes gas," Jenkins says.

But now, hopes to offer a solution to drivers who have emptied their pockets to pay for gas one to many times.

"I came up with the idea based on my personal frustrations with not being able to protect myself from rising gas prices the way large fleets and the airlines were able to do," says Mygallons Founder and CEO Steven Verona.

The idea is simple.

"Mygallons provides the consumer with the ability to pre-purchase their gasoline at current prices and after prices have gone up they can pick up their gasoline at a local gas stations using their my gallons card," Verona says.

A card that is recognized at any station that takes credit and debit card. All it will cost you is a $29.00-$39.00 membership fee.

"I would love that! That's saving dollars so I would love to look into that!" Jenkins says.

"I'll pull it up on the Internet when I get home!" Ponds says. just went live to the public this week. But unlike most business, they hope to go out of business soon.

"But hopefully in the near future their won't be a need for my gallons as we replace our cars with vehicles that run on electricity or hydrogen," Verona says.

And provide relief to drivers all over the country until we make the switch.


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