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$7 a gallon for gas???

By Len Kiese - bio | email

June 30, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - You think you're paying a hefty amount at the gas pumps now? Imagine paying $7 a gallon for gas. 

That's what a new energy report predicts drivers could be paying by 2010. Two years from now, economists think oil will reach $200 a barrel.

If predictions become reality, South Georgia drivers say there's no way their driving habits would stay the same.

"I'm hoping they go down. They're talking about drilling off the coast there and maybe we can get our own gas so we don't have to pay that much," said driver Dale Blakey.

"Not happy at all. It's ridiculous. If you have a small car, it still takes about $30 to fill it up and if you have an SUV, some of them are $100," said driver Deborah Davis.

A new Associated Press poll found nine out of ten people expect the soaring prices to have a huge financial impact on them over the next six months. According to Triple A, the average price of gas in Georgia right now is $3.99 per gallon.


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