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Snake crawls in car

July 15, 2002

An Albany woman decided to leave her car this morning when told that a snake had crawled inside it. Janet Abernathy said she saw the 4 foot long, black snake under another car when she went into the Hobby Lobby on Dawson Road. When she came out, people said they saw the snake crawl up into her car.

Animal control workers saw the snake inside the sheet metal of the car, but could not get it out. Hobby Lobby employees squirted chemicals in to try and drive it out, but with no luck.

 So Janet called and got a ride back to her job, and left her car in the parking lot. Janet Abernathy said "No, I could sell it, snake in car, if you want it, cheap. Just the idea of a snake in your car. I'll have my husband come back later and look at the car."

 Abernathy left her car in hopes the snake will crawl out. She plans to check it tomorrow.