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What'll you do for free gas?

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

June 25, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - What would you do for a free tank of gas? More businesses are using the offer of free gas to fuel their sales. Drivers are desperate to find ways to save and now many are betting the incentive of free gas might be enough to get you to do something you wouldn't typically do.

While gas prices continue to hover around four dollars, businesses, charities, and radio stations alike are betting that the offer for free gasoline is enough to entice customers through the door, to donate, or to listen.

"Anything free, I'm for," says Roy Miller.

"Not anything, but something that's reasonable," says Thelma Johnson.

Fairway Toyota is hoping customers will find their offer for a gas rebate certificate worth $50  reasonable, if you'll only test drive a car between now and the fourth of July. But not everyone is willing, despite the high price to fill up.

"Sounds like something I wouldn't do because they always want to sell you a car, I don't need a car," Ann Enfinger said.

The Albany Resource Center is betting three years of free gas might help them sell raffle tickets.

"We're offering ten-thousand dollars worth of gasoline, and the raffle tickets are $100 and we're only selling 200 of them so there's a great chance," said Sanford Knight, President of the Albany Resource Center.

Doug Banks and Dede's nationally syndicated radio show 'The Ride' entices listeners to text in for a $100 free gas card. They along with other businesses hope high gas prices will draw people in.

"There's a lot of people thinking about it and of course raffle tickets can be hard to sell so, we're trying to get as much interest as we can in it," said Knight.

While the high prices at the pump have certainly peeked interest, what some might do for a free gallon has yet to be proven.

In most giveaways, customers get gas cards that can be used like credit or debit cards at one or more gas station chains, but customers should beware of expiration dates and offers with fine print.


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