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Four day work week for city?

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

June 25, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - With rising gas prices, everyone's looking for ways to save money. The city of Albany will clamp down on the use of city cars and cell phones and is even considering four day work weeks.

Kenneth Parker is a hard working man and wants to stay that way. "Anything that secures my job, I'm for it." So he's on board with changes to his schedule. He'll work five days a week, or four days, so long as he can get his forty hours in. "It's a win, win situation for everyone."

Win-win because the city could basically shut down non-essential equipment, cars and buildings one day a week if they implemented a 10 hour a day, four day work week. Assistant City Manager Wes Smith said, "We're trying to look at anything across the board that makes sense."

But shutting down all city government one day a week won't work. "Another option we're looking at is working nine days on and one day off, allowing us to actually work an hour later in the afternoons, increasing customer service, but also providing the staff with a day off every couple of weeks."

Which could increase productivity and decrease time people take off work. "We do not see any increase costs in that," Smith said, "so if ultimately it becomes a benefit to the employees, we think there will be less leave used, less sick time, because people will schedule doctors appoints and things like that on a day off. Maybe it is to our advantage."

"From talking to the other employees, everybody is excited about it," Parker said. Keeping the city running effectively and efficiently, while saving taxpayers money. The city is working with the county trying to come up with different options that will save money.


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