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Albany's "Go Green" Girls Have a Mission

By Len Kiese - bio | email

June 24, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Two ambitious young Albany women want to make a difference in their environment.  They're starting here at home.

If you haven't already, there's a chance you'll meet 23-year-old Charlie Pike and 21-year-old Grace McWilliams. "We're friends," said Pike.

The two friends are the backbone of a fairly new non-profit. "Greener Globe," said McWilliams.

They're on a green mission. "We decided to take it upon ourselves to volunteer our time," said McWilliams.

At least once a week, you'll see the duo riding around in of all colors, a green truck. Suprisingly, that's just a coincidence.    

"It was just fate," laughs McWilliams, "threw some bumper stickers on it and we were good to go." You can now see them riding through neighborhoods picking up everything from glass bottles to plastic and paper.

"We've been doing it for about two months now," said Pike.

"Everything can pretty much be recycled," said McWilliams.

They say what people tend to throw away in the trash should be reconsidered. "A lot of people don't know," said Pike.

"Once you look at the trash that you're throwing away, so much of it is plastic and paper," said McWilliams.

McWilliams and Pike don't mind taking those recyclable items for you. Some people are starting to recognize their efforts and change their habits. "I am kind of nervous going into areas like Doublegate or different neighborhoods. They think I might be rummaging through their trash or something but I do get a lot of big smiles," said McWilliams.

So the next time you see them around town, give them a smile.

I asked, "So I guess now you'll be known as the Go Green Girls huh?" "I guess so," laughed McWilliams.

When the Go Green Girls ride down your block give them a smile and a little green trash for their mission.

Everything Grace and Charlie do comes out of their own pockets or from donations. If you'd like to help with their green mission or if you need recyclable items picked up you can call 229-395-8576.

The city of Albany will also help you make a difference. The city and Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful offer three free recycling drop-off locations. You can bring aluminum cans, cardboard, glass, magazines, newspapers and plastics.

Judy Bowles also encourages businesses to go green. They'll provide special go green boxes to get you started. "We hear everyday of people wanting to go green and do what's right and with global warming and other situations, we all need to do our part. One person truly makes a difference," said Bowles.

To get boxes for your business, contact Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful. Drop-off locations are by the fire station on Meredyth Drive, behind the Albany Civic Center and at the Thornton Community Center in East Albany.


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