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New technology helps police save on gas

By Sarah Baldwin - bio | email

June 23, 2008

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Thomasville Police are trying to make sure officers spend time in the community meeting the people they protect.   Now, a new high-tech piece of equipment will help them do that and save money on gas at the same time!

The T3 personal mobility unit may seem like technology that's ahead of its time for a small town like Thomasville.  "For our size department and our size town, we are second to none as far as equipment goes," said TPD Road Patrol Sergeant Henry Williams. 

Seeing it for the first time, people out enjoying Cherokee Lake Monday say they're impressed with their police department.  "We're moving up. We're not just down south.  I thought it was a good idea for the park. It keeps it safe," said Gwendolyn Scott. That's a priority for Scott who works with kids and teens at the Boys and Girls Club.  She says police presence at the lake keep teens and others in check.  "It lets the ones know that get in trouble, that they can come up and get around to them, and I like that idea."

Officer Jason Baldwin says making them more visible in the community is just one of the T3's advantages for officers.  "I would rather be riding around on this thing, getting some breeze on me and say hey to all the people and stuff besides walking around," said Baldwin.

Perhaps one of the biggest perks: its battery operated.  The T3 only takes a couple of hours to charge and then can run continuously for about 2 and a half hours.  That means not a dime's being spent on gas! "I believe its going to save the city of Thomasville and the taxpayers a lot of money," said Williams.

Baldwin added, "In the long run, economically I definitely see this thing helping.  I see it helping as far as getting within the community, being seen, its definitely going to help out."

Scott says it's definitely not a bad idea.  "I need one of those, to save on gas!"

Right now the department has 2 T3s.  But if they work out as well as they think they will, they might consider adding more.

Police say in addition to parks, they'll use the T3s a lot at shopping centers, the downtown area and during special events like parades and festivals.


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