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Operation Zero Tolerance kick-off in Southwest GA

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June 20, 2008 kickoff

Blakely--As summer begins law enforcers from all over the state are beginning a summertime crackdown on dangerous drivers.

More than 30 law enforcement agencies were represented in Early County today as they kicked off Operation Zero Tolerance.

"The operation zero tolerance which is our campaign which specifically targets impaired driving," said Tony Bobbitt, Governor's Office of Highway Safety Liaison.

The Southwest Georgia Traffic Enforcement Network includes 12 counties. They look out for drunk drivers and more.

"Illegal drug paraphernalia, wanted people driving with out license, and occupant safety issues," said  Bobbitt.

Safety is a large part of these exercises, especially focusing on child safety seats, and booster seats. Officers tell us most people don't understand exactly when to switch form a child seat to a booster seat.

Child seat technicians were on hand to help those who were not in compliance with Georgia law.

"They come together to help an area that has expressed an interest in saving more lives. The sheriff in this county expressed concerns about how many fatalities he's had on the roadway and wanted help," said Bruce Womble, Cairo Police Department.

Summer is the deadliest time of year on Georgia roads. The officers spread out to four different locations in Blakely, looking for violators and other criminal activity.

"Once a month we're somewhere in those 12 counties we do a sobriety check, we look for DUIs, seat belts, impaired driving, and aggressive driving," said Womble.

The Officers were on volunteer time and came together to help an area that wants to lowering the fatality rate on their roadways.

This year marks fifth consecutive year that Georgia law enforcers are conducting 100-Days-of Heat.

H.E.A.T stands for Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic.

July 4th is the second deadliest day of the year on America's highways.

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