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Hole in One, Hole in One, Hole in One

By Mike Shiers - bio | email

June 20, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Denise Dixon isn't competing in the Albany Amateur Golf Championship, but it may not be too long before she signs up, as the Albany-native has had some unbelievable results on the golf course in a very limited amount of time.

Dixon is so new to the sport of golf, she's still learning the lingo.

"I've had seven games total," says Dixon, "so I'm a newbie in trying to learn the game."

Dixon has been playing about a month, and no one can argue with the results.

"I did three hole-in-one's, two on this hole (Grand Island #17), and one in Sylvester," says Dixon.

Yes, three.

Dixon has also carded "4 or 5" eagles, and while most life-long golfers are now probably jealous beyond belief, Dixon has kept the success pretty much to herself.

"People who've been playing golf, don't believe me," says Dixon.  "They're like, 'I've played 300 times, and I only got one hole-in-one,' so I try an keep it at a minimum. If you brag about it, you've never going to get to do it again."

Attempts to recreate the event Friday at Grand Island proved to be unsuccessful, but Dixon already has move than enough motivation.

"My goal is in a year to start playing amateur tournaments," says Dixon. "I really want to get good. I'm not ever going to be a Tiger Woods, but I really want to be successful at golf."

The odds of getting a hole in one on a par-three are 12,500 to 1 for an amateur, and 7,500 to 1 for a pro.


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