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APD officer horse playing with taser

June 19, 2008

Albany -- An Albany Police Officer likely will be suspended for playing around with his taser in a nightclub.

 25-year old Albany Police Patrolman Grady Rachel was engaging his taser's laser target while working as a security guard at Club Climaxx in East Albany.

He didn't tase anyone, but he did shine the light on several people.

When the taser is turned on a camera inside it automatically starts recording. When Officer Rachel turned the taser in for service,  the video was downloaded.

Albany Police Chief James Younger said "At this point, it just seems like he was just playing around it. And again it's not a toy. That was clearly inappropriate."

Chief Younger said while their investigation continues, Officer Rachel remains on duty but has been pulled off the streets. Younger said his intention is to suspend Rachel for at least 30 days.

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