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Vaccine protects horses from EEE

June 19, 2008

Valdosta - At least seven of nine cases of Eastern Equine Encephalitis in the state were found in South Georgia.

 Six horses and one dog died after contracting sleeping sickness.

There is a simple way to keep your horses free from the disease.

Amanda Adamski boards up to 35 horses at any given time. To stay in her stables, the horses must receive an EEE vaccine. 

"In Georgia and Florida we are twice as likely to contract EEE due to the fact that we have mosquitoes year round because we don't have a big cold snap to kill them It's best that you vaccinate your horse before May 1st, then I do boosters again in August or September," Adamski says.

The vaccine is pretty affordable at $35.00 a pop.

The six horses that tested positive in our area were not vaccinated.


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