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Watch your step and your pet... snakes are out

June 18, 2008

Albany - Albany Veterinarians are treating lots of pets for poisonous snake bites.  Amber, a boxer mix was bitten by a copperhead snake Tuesday night, but with a few antibiotics, she's now doing fine.

Dr. Lois Hunkele, with Westover Animal Hospital says Amber is the third dog to be treated for a copperhead bite this week. Fortunately, most pets survive with treatment. "Amber was lucky," she said.  "She's a big girl, it wasn't a large snake and possibly the snake had fed on something else before her bit. The biggest caution with your pets is to make sure you clean our areas in your yard. Snakes do like to lurk around wood piles and sometimes even in your flower bed."

Copperheads are difficult to spot, because they blend in with their surroundings so well. Pets and their owners should watch their step.



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