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Lee commissioners vote down Fire/EMS fee...again

June 17, 2008

Lee County--  Lee County commissioners reconsidered, then voted down a new fee for fire and EMS service. One commissioner says the fee is the only way to get emergency services in his district.

Commissioners met Tuesday evening to reconsider the $250 fee they initially shot down last month. Commissioner Dennis Roland proposed reducing it to $50 but other commissioners voted that down.

Roland says that means people in the Smithville area will continue to go without emergency personnel.

"For $50 a household, which isn't a whole lot to ask, we could have gotten it in two areas. I'm not too concerned about fires because you can replace a home but you can't replace a human life. It's time we stop just spending in the South end and start spending in the North end. They pay taxes just like anyone else," said Roland.

Commissioners did approve going up on garbage rates from $17.85 to $21.

Last week, commissioners said they wouldn't raise taxes.  Commissioners continue to work on balancing the budget.  It has to be finalized by the end of the month.    

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