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Five arrested for robbing Citi Gear

June 16, 2008

Albany -- Albany Police recovered thousands of dollars in clothing and shoes stolen from Citi Gear on West Gordon Avenue Saturday. An employee at the store called police when she noticed the items were gone.

"Upon my arrival on the scene, we couldn't enter the business because the power had been knocked out. That's part of the technique that they use to knock out the security system or the alarm on the property," said Albany Police Detective, Chanita Salyer.

As they were processing the scene, they got called about several people attempting to sell clothes at the Americas Best Value Inn parking lot. "Officers noticed that when they knocked on the door and went in, they noticed several clothing in plain view along with this van in the parking lot filled with clothing," said Det.. Salyer.

That's where they arrested 18-year-old Siddequah Parks, 17-year old Akeem Jackson, 19-year-old Maurice Saunders, 20 year old Mikhail Simmons and 24-year-old Larry Simmons Jr. But this is just one of several burglaries and armed robberies in Albany recently.

"We have seen a spike in overall assaults in the past two weeks, and I attribute this to the state of the economy. People are unemployed. Also with the increase in gas prices, people just want to take the short cut to make ends meet," said Albany Police Captain, Charlie Poole.

Despite the increase, Albany Police are working to keep thieves off the streets. "With the increase in the amount of crime actually going on, we are working on there particular case," said Poole.

"It may seem like we are not doing anything about it, but eventually all of the cases are looked at thoroughly." Police say even if they can't prevent the crimes, they'll do all they can to solve them quickly and put the crooks in jail.

All five people arrested are charged with burglary, theft by receiving stolen property and possession of tools during a commission of a crime.


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