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Share a ride, save a gallon

June 16, 2008

Albany - That's what many south Georgians are doing with gas prices at or above four dollars a gallon. The Ride Share lots around Albany are more packed than ever.

Co-workers and husbands and wives are sharing a ride to work in a effort to save on gas. Those savings can add up.

Vince and Debbie Cruz use to each take their own pickup trucks to work. That was before gas hit four dollars a gallon. "The price of gas running two vehicles is not feasible any more," said Vince.

Now they've traded in one of the trucks for a more fuel efficient Toyota Camry. They've parked the truck and now ride together 13.2 miles from their home in Lee County towards the Marine Base where both work.

"I have to be here at 7:30 and if he comes in later than me, he'll ride with another co-worker," said Debbie.

The Cruz's aren't alone, the park and ride at Jefferson and Philema and along Highway 19 are nearly full everyday with commuters sharing a ride.

"Yes, since gas prices went up the parking areas have grown higher and higher to there just about none of them left," says Jerry Nolan of Fred's Bait and Tackle Shop.

Nolan knows how they feel, he's now carpooling with his crew when they shoot his fishing show.

"Instead of somebody following us, we quit using the extra boat so, we don't have to pull two boats now, so the camera man can ride with me in my boat you know."

Like the Cruz's he's finding it adds up. "We did the math on it and it was saving us about 60 dollars a week," said Vince.

So despite a little inconvenience of getting stuck at work for lunch, the savings are well worth it.

The Department of Transportation says it's not just south Georgia. Higher gas prices have people all over the state taking advantage of ride share lots.


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