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Teens ransack Baker County School

June 15, 2008

Newton--Bold and vulgar vandalism is what one south Georgia city woke up to on Sunday morning.

Anyone driving by the school in Baker County saw curse words along with racial slurs plastered all over the building.

People who live in that area are disgusted by what the saw, and now authorities are looking into just who may be behind it all.

Sometime late Saturday night two young vandals wrote all types of slurs on the Baker County K-12 School building.

"When we got here we observed that the school had been spray painted. You can see the lettering and some of the vulgarity on some of the words here," said Chief Aubrey Suggs, Newton Police Department.

The young men sprayed sexual slurs and racist words on the brick walls, glass doors, and the entrance to the building.

The vandals didn't stop outside. The duo broke the door to the teachers lounge and entered the building. That's where cameras caught them in the act.

"You can see them with the spray can spraying on the walls. They had on shorts, t-shirts, and caps with masks over them but we can identify them as being two black males," said Suggs.

"They have things up there that would make you think it was white (people), but it doesn't matter about white or black, the ones that did it need to be punished," said Fredrick Hall.

Other Baker County residents echo those same feelings.

"They need to find out what kid did this, you don't do stuff like this, that is bad," said Jody Fuentes. 

Up and down the halls, the profane notes to teachers continued. The boys broke the glass in classrooms and ransacked desk drawers.

" It's just a few ignorant people that's trying to do damage so that they can deteriorate where we're trying to go. We don't want to see it happen and we don't want our kids to think they have to be a part of gangs to survive."

On Sunday afternoon, work began to clean-up before students return on Monday for summer school.

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