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Albany citizens care about their community

June 14, 2008

Albany--The City of Albany wants you to take pride in your community, by helping to keep it clean and beautiful.

Two East Albany neighborhoods have already taken the city up on their offer and are making changes for the better in the areas where they live.

For the Colonial Village neighborhood and East Towne Subdivisions they're changing it for the better.

"We're trying to make the neighborhood look good and beautiful, plus keeping it clean, as far as keeping crime down we just want a safe neighborhood," said A.D. Thomas, Colonial Village Neighborhood Association.

On Saturday mayor Willie Adams took a tour through the two neighborhoods to see the work Albany citizens have done to better their community.

"We planted three beds with the grant, and the citizens and the people that live here planted an additional four beds," Harold Williams, Block Captain.

A drive through the streets shows the type of pride the mayor would like to see catch on.

"When you live in a community you have pride in your community, of course it reduces other problems like crime, and you get pride and therefore you take care of your property better," said Mayor Willie Adams, City of Albany.

To better take care of the communities property you won't have to go at it alone, there are grants available.

"Through Judy Bowles' office these grants are available, to plant the flowers they have about $2,200 for the flowers, and we put the application in for it and we were approved," said Williams.

"I understand that they have several more and they're about $2,000 per grant so we want to encourage other people through the city to do the same thing," said Adams.

Later in the afternoon both Colonial Village and East Towne residents, held a Neighborhood Watch meeting with the mayor and other city officials.

They voiced their concerns and heard what else can be done to make life in the city not only good, but Great.


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