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Receiver Christian Wise talks football and acting with Cecil Lester

June 13, 2008

Albany - With two receivers watching last week's Daytona Beach game in street clothes, the South Georgia Wildcats needed someone to step up.

Former Southern Cal Trojan Christian Wise did just that.

Wise tells Cecil Lester in this week's "Wildcats Corner" that when he is not making big plays on the football field, he is making big plays on the big screen.

Cecil Lester said "Hey, welcome back. This is Wildcats Corner. I am Cecil Lester. We are here today with Christian Wise. He had a great game last week. Christian, you had a great game. You came in off the bench. It was your first game. Tell me how you did it."

Christian Wise said "I had a lot of veteran players who were backing me up. I really came out there real confident and that made it real easy for the transition to the arena game."

Cecil Lester said "Tthis will be your second game and it will be your first against Florida. You have heard how they are the mighty Florida. What is it that you can contribute to our team that can help defeat Florida.

Christian Wise said "The same thing I did the first game and that is just hustle. Give it all and come out there with that confidence knowing we are going to do our thing and win.

Cecil Lester said "Tell us a little something about you that we might know. They look into the books during the game and they see Christian Wise. Tell us something about you they may not know?

Christian Wise said "I am kid from L.A.. I am an industry kid. I grew up dancing and acting and a lot of that stuff. Other than football, I have done a bunch of commercials and the silver screen a little bit. In 2004, my friends had a movie callled "rise". It was movie about krunk dancing. That is also what I do. Back home it was little underground thing. Just doing that. .

Cecil Lester said "Maybe if you guys come to the game this Saturday, you will see Christian Wise do some krunk dancing. Also if you come to the game this Saturday, you can wish me, Cecil Lester a happy birthday. See you at the game this Saturday." 

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